It's always both bitter and sweet when something that needs to be finished actually comes to a close. This is why we are both proud, accomplished, but also sad about the ending of Heartbeat. 

To summarize, Heartbeat will no longer be putting out any editions of the online journal. We will, however, be posting a URL to an archive of all editions released so that your hard work and ours will not disappear. We will be archiving soon.

A little over a year after beginning this endeavor, we had hoped to have been able to pay our artists, get donations and maybe even have a bigger staff than just the two of us. Because we didn't want to sacrifice our morals (i.e. Not having reading fees or actively participating in distracting ads), we were not able to reach this goal, and that's okay with us. We never succumbed to taking money from anyone but ourselves, using only free time in our lives to support the work of the journal. This taught both of us the amount of effort and love that must be present for this work to continue without being supported monetarily by anyone outside of us, the editors. 

We've had so much fun and feel so honored to have read and seen your art, and we are grateful you have trusted us with it. We are proud to have published you, and we are sad that we will no longer be able to.

While it is sad that we are closing our submissions, we know that there is a huge world of literary journals that we can all turn our attention to. We were lucky enough to be featured on Duotrope and New Pages, so if you are looking for new places to submit, please check there!

Thank you again for all of your submissions, and for trusting us with your best work. It's been a pleasure. We will be posting the archive soon.

Kate and Emma