Heartbeat Literary Journal is now closed and no longer seeking further submissions or curating new issues. You can access our past issues on this site until 2018, or you can view them on our wordpress: https://heartbeatliteraryjournal.wordpress.com/ 

We've had so much fun and feel so honored to have read and seen your art, and we are grateful you have trusted us with it. We are proud to have published you, and we are sad that we will no longer be able to.

There is a huge world of literary journals that we can all turn our attention to now that Heartbeat is closed. We were lucky enough to be featured on Duotrope and New Pages, so if you are looking for new places to submit, please check there!

Thank you again for all of your submissions, and for trusting us with your best work. It's been a pleasure. We will be posting the archive soon.

Kate and Emma