Welcome to Heartbeat, an online journal that publishes new editions EVERY THREE MONTHS. This is a new update and we are working to cultivate more fully developed journals within this extra time. We accept written work in the genres of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, but we also have instructions on how to submit artwork. Check out our submissions page to see how you can submit your work! 

We accept rolling submissions! If we have already put together a new edition and you submit before it gets published, don't be discourage -- it could be published in the next cycle. Similarly, if your work happens to fit well with the edition we are working on, we may add it a few days before publication! It all depends on the work we receive. We will send out emails on the status of your submission just before the issue comes out. By submitting, you are giving us permission to publish the work regardless of a confirmation email from you. That being said, if your work is accepted elsewhere, please contact us IMMEDIATELY so we do not publish the same piece.

 If we do not respond, please feel free to contact us with any questions! Sometimes our email just gets bogged down. We're happy to respond to questions.

In addition to quarterly editions of our journal, we also have a blog section where we will be posting about literature, events and thoughts as well as publishing shorter work submitted to us. This is also where we may publish a piece submitted that has already been accepted elsewhere (always approved with the author beforehand!). We'd love to see your work on the blog or in the issue, so start submitting now!

A word about ads: This is a passion project, and running a high quality and beautiful website, unfortunately, isn't free. Any and all money we generate from ads is poured right back into maintaining the website and reaching as big of an audience as we can. With that said, thanks for reading!